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Flowers on Hoop

Flowers on Hoop

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Essential Hoop for everyday use but with flower charms for Valentine's Day!! These little cuties can be taken on and off the hoop so you have two options with one earring ;)

Hoops are approximately 18mm (white & red flwrs) 25mm (pink and pinky orange)
Materials: hypoallergenic 18K PVD gold-plated stainless steel hoops & stainless steel

Care: These essential hoops are tarnish and water-resistant. However, with all items of this material, do your best to avoid contact with salt water, chlorine, creams, lotions & perfumes, etc. Rinse carefully with water and dry asap if this does happen.

Please be aware that with clicker-style hoops, sometimes the post that goes through the ear can get bumped slightly, reducing the secure click to close them. When putting these in listen for the click to know they are secure.

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